Upper Echelon is a group made up of interesting folks that have a wide range of talent, ability and interests. UE Media Network is a collection of projects under the UE umbrella that showcases the team talent. Check out the projects below and be sure to follow the channels in support!

JustCrittin Around Sports Podcast

Hosted by Chris Ritter and Justin Lavender of UE Gaming, JustCrittin is a weekly podcast that covers all the major sporting topics from the previous week. Expect hot takes and impressions from 2 guys with the slickest of with comb overs. You can view their latest podcast below and new shows posted every Tuesday morning.



UE Gaming’s Official Youtube Page

UE Gaming’s Official Youtube page features game videos, previews, reviews and montages of games. Check back often to see whats new!


UE_2Paid’s Mixer Stream