There are a slew of HDMI cables on the market ranging from expensive gold plated connectors to cheap standard ones. The good folks over at Marseille are offering a fairly expensive HDMI cable but this one boasts an interesting advantage, built in anti aliasing.

The mCable Gaming Edition cable has an embedded video chip that post processes AA algorithm to the image before the signal gets sent to the screen. The result is a much sharper and cleaner image than what you would normally see without the cable. Don’t take their word for it take a look below at some examples:

Captured from the PlayStation 3
Captured from the Xbox 360

Aimed directly at console gamers, this cable currently supports framerates up to 120 FPS and resolutions up to 1080p. The cable’s asking price is $119 for the 3 foot version, $129 for the 6 foot version and $139 for the 9 foot version.

The tech in this cable is impressive and it works. Will you be looking to replace your HDMI cables soon? Now may be the time.

Source: This $119 HDMI cable has a built-in anti-aliasing chip to remove jaggies | PC Gamer

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