OJO is the world’s first portable micro-projector for the ever popular Nintendo Switch console that is developed by YesOJO.

What do we know about the OJO projector? The OJO projector projects a high-quality stream up to 120″ direct from the Switch docked to the projector. That 120″ definitely takes care of the small screen issues gamers have experienced with the Switch’s built in 6.2″ screen with small speakers.

YesOJO is set to launch in the autumn time with an aim of getting projectors into customers hands by November 2017.

The OJO is also capable of acting as a power-block and charging the Switch through USB-C.

Audio is supplied by a bass-effect dual speaker stereo system. Providing a rich quality sound, both louder and fuller than the Switch’s internal speakers. The unit can also be connected to an external speaker system via an auxiliary port and cable.

Keeping cool is also really important, with a vortex duct combination cooling systems the OJO uses fans and a copper radiator to keep the projector and console cool at all times.

OJO also serves as a standalone projector for a multitude of other devices with HDMI input support. The unit comes with a 1 x HDMI port as standard so that any other devices such as laptops and mobile phones can also be connected to the unit.


Technical Specifications:
Display Technology : Texas Instruments DLP 0.2” DMD
Source: LED
Luminance: 200 Lumens
Resolution: 854*480 Pixel
Contrast Ratio: >500:1
Projection Ratio: 16:9 Projection
Screen Size: 10”-150” Interface: HDMI input,
Type-C for Nintendo Switch, 2 USB3.0 output, 3.5” Line out. Type-C for Charging.
Li-Battery: Panasonic High Capacity Lithium Battery – 3.7V 20400mAh
Expected play time: 4 hours per charge
Charging Current: 15V 2.6 A
PowerBank: 5v/2A output
Size: Dimensions(mm) 172*80*70
Cooling fan: 11000 RPM turbo fan

To stay up to date on the OJO projector go to http://www.yesojo.com


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