With classic video games at an all time high right now in the video game world, Retro-Bit a leading retro-gaming brand announced its new RES Plus console for, get this, $39.99….We’ll let that sink in for a second. The console will make it’s debut August 10. The RES Plus is a top-loading game console for all of your 8-bit games which will then be converted to a crisp 720p resolution with the new HDMI compatibility to play your NES games like you’ve never seen them before.

Innex Inc®, an exclusive distributor of Retro-Bit®, is excited to unveil the brand’s latest console. “With many of today’s consoles being compatible with HDMI® televisions creating a high demand among the gaming community, it was the logical next step for Retro-Bit to enhance their already impressive lineup of consoles,” Ron Pang, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Innex Inc. “The RES Plus is giving all the classics a big upgrade, and I believe fans are going to be amazed at receiving a high-quality gaming experience at a reasonable price of $39.99.”

A super easy setup means you don’t have to waste countless and pointless minutes doing that console update blah blah blah fresh out of the box. The console will also come with a 6 foot HDMI cable and two 6 foot wired controllers that are compatible with the original NES as well as most Retro-Bit consoles. A new micro USB chariging port helps power the console and adds yet another modern upgrade.

The RES Plus will be released on August 10 for $39.99 and pre orders are now available at Amazon.  For detailed information on Retro-Bit’s complete lineup of classic products, please visit http://retro-bit.com/.


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