Have you ever wanted that classic NBA jam feel back in a basketball game? Well, it’s kinda back again. That same is what popped into my mind when I downloaded and began playing Halcyon Network’s Dunk Nation 3×3. Halcyon has released their FREE multiplayer online sports game which features some really good 3D graphics and real-time 1-on-1, 2-on2, and 3-on-3 competition.

Dunk Nation can be downloaded right now on iOS and Android platforms.

Following a successful soft launch of over 50,000 downloads, players are eagerly anticipating the game’s official completed release. What’s the overall feeling about the game?

“I am so ready for this game! I’m prepared to become the best,
and once again: Nice job!”

“When I first got the game, I stayed up all night, and now
I’m the #1 ranked Point Guard!”

In order to thank all Dunk Nation fans for their support and in celebration of the official launch, the game will send out in-game rewards to all players on July 11. Other game events with awesome rewards are also coming soon.

Additional Game Features

  • Playah Creator: Create and customize hundreds of unique players from a selection of 19 core characters that can be designated to play all five on-court basketball positions.
  • Hold Court: Experience a diverse array of half-court environments that convey an authentic and original street ball experience.
  • Swag Gear: Over 80 available outfits and wearable items with more selections added every month.

About Halcyon Network

Halcyon Network is an Internet-based entertainment company focused on mobile games development and publishing, eSports, and media. Headquartered in China, the company possesses robust distribution channel resources, and is proficient in a variety of game genres ranging from real-time sports games to casual games.

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