Growing up I always told my self that I wanted to be a racecar driver as my job to provide for my family. Racecar driver, then a mechanic second if the racecar driver thing didn’t work out. Well, I can honestly say that my dream came true….as a mechanic for over 10 years. Now I still do car stuff and video games. However, I recently found out that it’s not too late for me, or you, to become a professional racing driver for one of the world’s most elite automotive and Formula 1 racing brands, McLaren.

Enter the World’s Fastest Gamer Competition. The competition was announced approximately 2 months ago but McLaren has provided an update in regards to qualifying and the tracks that will be race on. The World’s Fastest Gamer (WFG) esports competition will consist of official qualifying heats across a number of platforms ahead of the grand finale, which will be held at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, UK.

World’s Fastest Gamer is an innovative collaboration between McLaren, founding partner Logitech G, which is a global leader in gaming gear, Italian manufacturer Sparco, and Darren Cox, the founder of GT Academy virtual racing series. It is also supported by sports media platform GIVEMESPORT.

The series will pit 10 virtual racers (six pre-selected by a panel of experts, and four chosen via events during the summer) in a fierce competition that will see the winner awarded the role of McLaren simulator driver for one year.

It’s not too late to qualify. If you’re interested, head over to CJ Wilson Racing and register. FAQ’s and qualifications that have to be met are listed. The beauty of it all is that you can qualify through mobile gaming on your phone or tablet, Xbox One, PlayStation or PC.

Grab your fire suit, racing gloves, Puma racing shoes and a ton of energy drinks to get those lap times down. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to live your dreams.

For more information head over to



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