Buff Studios announced today Mystic Guardian: Final Quest, is available for Android and iOS devices. A throwback to JRPG’s in the 90’s, Mystic Guardians offers a tribute to classic JRPG’s with its epic fantasySteampunk world. 

Mystic Guardian offers two playable protagonists with unique storylines leading to one surprising conclusion. The game includes classic RPG elements such as skill-trees, crafting and more. Each protagonist has different quests and it is possible to instantaneously switch between the two as you play. Completing the game unveils secret episodes and secret dungeons, items and the “true” ending can be discovered by completing the game more than once.

Mystic Guardian features more than 500 narrative scenes, alternate endings, 7+ classes, each with unique skills and 60 ultimate boss battles. Combo-attacks, custom skill combinations and powerful summons with upgrades all add to the fun. Use your broad range of attacks to fight the countless enemies that spawn endlessly. Active skills, passive skills and combo skills can be leveled up using in-game currency, and more than 150+ skills are included. 

Also featured in Mystic Guardian, are challenging dungeons with control devices used to access new areas. Secret passwords must be discovered to unveil new paths, generators can be used to open doors, and handles can help access rooms to collect treasure chests, secret items and other cool stuff. Watch out for the traps! Raid Mode allows you to challenge the infinite battle in endless dungeons or to compete your overall score against other players. So download MyStic Guardian: Final Quest today.


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