For some time now we knew Visceral Games who brought us the Dead Space series was developing a new untitled Star Wars game. We first got a peak of this title at last years E3, but since then we haven’t received much new details on the upcoming game. Recently though reported some apparent leaked new details about the games character and plot.


Todd Stashwick will voice Dodger

The story takes place during the events between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. American actor and writer Todd Stashwick was reported as voicing the new character nicknamed “Dodger” who received his nickname from being able to dodge the Imperial draft. As a result he was forced into the underworld of the galaxy.  After the destruction of the first Death Star the Imperials set their focus to the Outer Rim of the galaxy where most of the Rebels originated from, and now Dodger himself ( and most the criminal underworld ) reside. Not only are the Imperials after the Rebels, but also the survivors of Alderran after its destruction which is Dodgers home planet. Our hero eventually ends up working for Jabba the Hutt to get his name off the Empires wanted list, and discovering unsettling information about the Empire and their super weapon in the process.

Dodgers unique weapon reportedly is a light whip that he can ensnare enemies with and shoot with his blaster. Imagine the Wonder Woman whip, but if she also carried a Dessert Eagle. Other notable info was that Dodger is not alone in his story. There is direct mention that Dodger has a crew. How they affect the story is yet to be heard of yet as it was not delved completely into with the leaked info.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 7.21.52 AM

Now again this is all rumor, and we know sometimes “leaked info” can be watered down truth or complete junk that needs to be thrown into the trash compactor of the Death Star. If though, this all has some truth to it then Star Wars fans have reason to be very excited. To many of us the single player experience that was Knights of the Old Republic was something that hasn’t been re-created since. The story, character development, setting, and fun game play are what to this day make it a classic. Could this be the single player Star Wars experience we have been waiting for? Anything Star Wars related is not only made for the fans, but by people who are fans themselves. The writers and developers know the Star Wars community expects nothing less than the best from anything holding the beloved franchise name. This upcoming title seems to tell a story of cinematic proportions and hopefully bring to us fans the Star Wars experience we’ve come to expect.

Link to the article that started the buzz below.

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