Growing up there was one thing that no matter where you go you would always be sure to find an arcade game. Whether it was at your local convenient store, laundry mat, or mall you knew you could always find one somewhere. The arcade was considered a gamer’s paradise. Any game you wanted to play you could find it there. I remember going to the grocery store with my mom as a kid and she would give me $1 to play in the arcade while she shopped for groceries. This is where I fell in love with Ms. PAC-Man. I loved the challenge of trying to beat the top score and have my name on the top of the leader board. The highlight for me was when I rolled my score, it felt like I won a NBA championship. I’d never done anything like that before and it was one of the best moments I have ever had as a gamer.

I fell in love with the arcade through Ms. Pac Man


I miss the days of going to the arcade and putting your quarter on the bottom of the screen to secure your spot for next game to play. Some of my all time favorites were Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Double Dragon, and Killer Instinct (just to name a few). To end someone’s winning streak always felt great and having your winning streak ended was heartbreaking, because waiting for your next turn seemed like forever as you wait at least three of four turns for another try.

Double Dragon, the original Co-op

Those days seem like so long ago and arcades are all but extinct now. You can’t find them hardly anywhere. Now things like mobile phones and tablets and portable devices like the Nintendo 3DS and Switch have made it easier for people to play games in the go. Console gaming has dramatically over the years. There was a time when the console version of a game would be nothing but a watered down version of the arcade version. The graphics weren’t as good and the experience you would get at home just didn’t match the thrill at playing at the arcade.

Fast-forward to today’s gaming scene. With the ability to play online right from the comfort of your home makes it a lot easier to find someone to play with or against. Now gaming on consoles have some of the best graphics and the sound is unbelievable. Instead of playing against local people in your area you’re now able to play someone from around the world and even talk to them. Even though I enjoy the new era of gaming, I still miss the little things that made some of the most memorable experiences. R.I.P arcades…You are truly missed. What’s some of your favorite memories of arcades? Post in the comments. 


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