Microsoft’s heavily anticipated Project Scorpio has been generating hype and anticipation for months, but much was revealed at E3 2017! With the official announcement of the Xbox One X, Microsoft answered many fan questions while presenting new ones on subjects such as affordability, intended consumer, and how it will compare to building a PC. Before we get into addressing the newest wave of questions and impressions, let’s take a look at what this powerhouse console can do!
2.3GHz 8-core AMD custom “Jaguar” CPU (Overclocked) , Integrated AMD graphics with 6 teraflops of performance and 12GB of GDDR5 memory pushes the XB1X to the strongest console on the market
Stunning 4K/ BluRay Drive
Breaking The Bank or Smart Investment – The XB1X’s value has been brought up in many discussions since the E3 announcement. Microsoft’s newest addition is the first of its kind in the console world, bringing such innovations as liquid cooling and the strongest console processor to date. While seemingly pricey for a console, the XB1X is more affordable than building a gaming PC from the ground up, and comes fully covered by warranty. This would make it a low risk, high reward option as Microsoft will do all the dirty work that consumers often have to do themselves with a gaming PC. All you have to do is play!
I Have The Power! – Or maybe a little less power than we would like, actually. Building your own gaming PC gives you the opportunity to max out numerous in game settings in order to take that perfect screenshot or fully immerse ourselves in a game. While XB1X stands above other consoles from a power standpoint, it is still not able to stand the test when competing with high end gaming PCs also considering various restrictions in play when it comes to console games. Mod packages may be much more limited in comparison as well, however it might not be as big of a concern in the future thanks to Window 10 integration. Time will tell!
 In the end, Microsoft should not be overlooked. The XB1X has opened the door for console hardware to drastically change. Plenty of fans have been dreaming of a system like this for years, one that blurs the lines between consoles and PC. This front runner was a huge step for all of us console fans, regardless of what platform you support, and I can’t wait to see how this shapes the future of console technology!

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