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Interview with writer and game designer Paul Graham

At E3 this past week I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Graham who is a writer and game designer at Beyond Red Wave Arts. Paul was kind enough to […]

At E3 this past week I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Graham who is a writer and game designer at Beyond Red Wave Arts. Paul was kind enough to do a interview with me and we got to know not only about his projects but a little bit about Paul’s history as a longtime gamer.

  • Where are you from and what are you doing in the gaming industry right now?
    Paul: I am from California and I am currently in a small town called Ojai. I am the writer and I do some game design for Delphyq. I write and create other stuff at Beyond Red Wave Arts that might someday become games too. Well, that mostly depends on peoples’ support.


    What are your earliest game memories? When did it all start for you?
    Paul: That’s always a tough question but I think I started with the N64. As a kid, I was homeschooled and a couple of us snuck up to my room to play Mario Kart 64 for a little while during lunch. Gaming wasn’t the biggest thing for me when I first started but it increased dramatically the older I got. Later memories though, are playing games with my girlfriend. We really enjoy indie and story intensive games together.


    Was there a specific game or game franchise that will always be your favorite?
    Paul: Paper Mario and The Thousand Year Door is my favorite game, especially because of the atmosphere. The environments and music are incredible and a giant inspiration. Besides that, I’ll always be a giant fan of Halo and Mass Effect, I even love the new iterations. Also, interactive storytelling games hold a special place in my heart, like Life is Strange and many games from Quantic Dream.


    Currently what have you been playing?

    Paul: Currently, I’m trying to tackle Bloodborne and For Honor is my multiplayer go-to at the moment.


    Was having a job in the gaming world something you always wanted? How did it all come to be?

    Paul: Originally it was film but video games were too fun to play and interesting ways of telling stories really brought out my desire to make video games. I knew one way or another I was going to do that but the opportunity didn’t present itself until my mom was talking to a friend of hers. That friend is now my boss, Raymond Onglengco. Raymond and I teamed up when I got right out of college to start the company, Beyond Red Wave Arts, and with the help of my mom we found a private investor. That was almost 4 years ago now. It has grown a little bit but we’re still an incredibly small indie team.


    This was your first E3 event. How would you describe the experience of not only being there but also showcasing a game you worked on? It seems like a dream come true for gamers.
    Paul: It definitely is a dream come true. When Raymond called me to let me know of the good news, my mind was blown. It still is even after the event! But it was also a humbling experience, reminding me of how much further we have left to go. I hope someday we will make it but we will always keep our indie spirit.


    Tell us about the project we talked about at E3 that you are involved with and showcasing on the expo floor.
    Paul: Delphyq is the name of the game and it is a pause real-time strategy and tactics game. This has been Raymond’s dream game since he’s been a kid and I’m glad that I can make a story that will do it justice, I hope. It’s a squad best game where you have a lot of control over every individual on the team. We want you to feel like a mastermind, planning small tactical raids to overthrow three evil corporations that control the world. As the writer though, I can tell you that things aren’t always what they seem and you’ll understand that right out of the gate when we add cut scenes to the pre-alpha demo.


    Where can our readers find this game?

    Paul: is where you can download the pre-alpha demo we were showing at E3, as well as information about the game and some tips and tricks. We updated quite often so it’s worth checking out. We also plan to launch a Kick Starter for it in the fourth quarter of the year. You can also find out more on the company’s or the game’s Facebook page.


    Are there any other titles you will be working on that we can hear about? And can our readers follow your endeavors on social media anywhere?
    Paul: Most of those titles are web comics, The Glove and Criminal King. Criminal King has a new page every Wednesday and The Glove every Friday. You can check them out at and The Criminal king one year anniversary is coming up this week. Also, there’s a special event happening with The Glove soon because its two-year anniversary is coming up and there’s going to be a big reveal about the main character. Issue six is going to have multiple pages coming out weekly until the anniversary. As for keeping up with me on social media, you should check out our company Facebook page and there you can find links to everything else. Also, I have a Patreon for The Glove and it will be updated to support Criminal King as well, that will probably be the best place to follow up with what I’m doing. My editor and I are working hard on all the stories and hopefully we can reveal more about the story of Delphyq the closer we get to releasing our Kick Starter, later this year.

We will keep our readers up to date with Paul’s and Beyond Red Wave Arts work. Thanks for taking the time to interview with us at

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