With E3 finishing up, we’ve come across the first look of Iron Galaxy’s new action-adventure game, Extinction.

In the world of Extinction, there is a vibrant and lush society that’s under the siege of massive army of alternate world invaders called the Ravenii. The games main character, Avil, is one of the last surviving Sentinels – warriors who are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to defeat these fearsome foes. Avil’s ultimate goal is to save as much of humanity as possible all while helping the remaining civilians escape their demise.

Right off the jump of the gameplay trailer, I noticed an Assassin’s Creed type aerial view, mixed with some of the similar acrobatics that the Assassins franchise encompasses. Mix that with Avil’s super slick dashes and super jumps as he glides into an Overwatch’s Mercy type air glide; consider my attention grabbed. Extinction’s gameplay is fast, fluid, and highlights high-speed traversal around the environment. Avil can dash in any direction, run horizontally and vertically along surfaces, cling to walls, pull himself up ledges, and traverse the environment with his whip. He can run on virtually anything, including buildings, mountainsides, and even all over his colossal foes.

This game is definitely worth a look when it releases which will be announced at a later date. For now, you can see Avil in action in the gameplay video.



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