Before the start of this years E3 many of us were wondering how Nintendo would approach the event. Not only that but also what could we expect to see revealed from the beloved company. Nintendo’s 2015 E3 was a letdown to many fans with heavy hitters Microsoft and Sony revealing their end of high end games as opposed to a weak lineup from Nintendo. Last years E3 only showcased Zelda: Breath of the Wild which would appear later on the Nintendo Switch console which itself was absent last year. Now in 2017 with the release of the Switch and many fans wanting to know what was in store for the part home part mobile console Nintendo came out swinging for the fences.

Metroid Prime 4 was probably the biggest announcement of the day. While all we got was a teaser it was enough to make many fans of the legendary series happy. This of course is a sequel to the 2007 release Metroid Prime 3: Corruption which was praised by critics. While we dont have a release date yet we can be sure this is a game fans will be keeping a very close eye on. Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC was also revealed to us. With Breath of the Wild being the smash hit with fans and critics alike we can be sure these DLC’s will bring quality content to the already amazing title.

Along with those we also got peaks of a new Kirby game simply titled…Kirby, Rocket League with cross platform play, a new Yoshi game, Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Mario Odyssey, and the announcement a Pokemon RPG is in the works for the console. While release dates for many of these went unannounced the game play of these titles looked fantastic. Not only did Nintendo knock it out of the park with the reveals but they had a fantastic area on the expo floor where fans could get their hands on and play Nintendo’s titles.

After attending E3 and seeing this lineup of titles for the Switch it answered a question that kept me from purchasing the console to begin with. Which was is there going to be a consistent lineup of quality games for this console? After this year I can confidently say yes. For the first time in many years I feel motivated to buy a Nintendo console. They knew how much a title such as Metroid Prime 4 or a Pokemon RPG was wanted for their consoles and that’s what we are getting. The other titles announced brought back memories of the glory days of the Nintendo 64 and even the Gamecube which had a consistent lineup of not only well made but fun games to play. The Switch is picking up where I feel those throwback consoles left off and I am happy to see our beloved Nintendo standing tall again.



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