It’s that time of year where the trash talk starts, you and your best friend drift a little apart and your team flags fly high. Why, when it’s not even officially NFL football season? All because the new Madden game is here.

We’ve had the privilege of playing the “all new” (isn’t that what they say year after year) Madden 18 installment. The verdict? Well, before we get into that, I think it’s fair to note that prior to us playing it, one of our team members was gracious enough to write a three part wish list series on what we would hope and expect from Madden 18. The subjects that were covered, in no particular order of course, were connected franchise, weather, ratings, commentary and gameplay. We talked about some of the old features that made us feel more in control being taken away with more recent installments of the Madden franchise. We talked about the same old bland and generic look of EVERY stadium lacking details. We talked about commentary, although John Madden and Pat Summerall will always be GOAT in that category, the commentary was refreshed weekly.


What about Madden 18? Well, from the short period of time that we were able to get our hands on it at E3, the first thing that we noticed right from the jump was…..drum roll….. the graphics. That’s right, the 4k crispness of graphics and the added detail definitely covered one of our gripes with the previous year game. Gameplay has also been enhanced by making the movements of the players more natural and fluid, on the offense that is. As for the defense, the player fluidity is there, however the players on defense seem to be a bit slow with their reaction when you want them to go a certain place on the field. Our fear is that this particular Madden installment might be offense driven, which would be a big disappointment unless there will be tweaks before the mass release to the public.


Overall, our experience with Madden 18 was definitely a positive one and we came away feeling really good about the game. Are we buying it day one? Of course. Are you buying it day one? Of course you are. Everyone is no matter how frustrated and mad you may be because you had a crap season in Madden 17. We’ll see you online August 25 when it drops in stores.



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