Going into E3 this week many eyes were on Battlefront II. The 2015 release of the original Battlefront for the next gen consoles left many fans of the series which started in 2004 wanting more. While we still don’t know every detail of the game I did get to catch gameplay in Sonys E3 exhibit yesterday.

One big improvement shown was the customizable class based system. Players can choose between multiple combat classes. From there weapons and other traits could be customized to the players liking. Each class also had different character skins but just how customizable armor will be is still yet to be seen.

From there we jumped into a 16 vs 16 game mode. Clone Troopers against the Droid Army which was refreshing to see since 2015’s Battlefront lacked multi-era maps and factions. The battle took place on Theed which was fitting. The first thing players will notice is how visually stunning Battlefront II is. The immersive Star Wars experience is greater than ever with the visuals and sound Dice has brought to us. Combat felt more familiar to those of other shooters on the market which will make fans of games such as Call of Duty and Destiny feel right at home. Vehicles such as tanks, walkers, and ships were used throughout the match. While the vehicles are a force to be reckoned with the game never felt unbalanced. Third and first person views can be toggled back and forth seemlessly giving players the freedom to play with whatever view they are comfortable with.

Once the match was complete the crowd was all smiles. The game felt like a huge improvement over its predecessor which will make fans of the series happy. As a long time super fan of Star Wars and the Battlefront series I felt the E3 showing proved the force is strong with Battlefront  II.


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