OK, so the title of this post is a little click bait(y). I am not writing this article as a baseline for what MS has to do to beat the likes of Sony or Nintendo, this article will be what Microsoft needs to do to win the day. In the end Microsoft has a long road to catch up to the game lineup that Sony has brought to the table the last few years. With games to be shown like Days Gone, Death Stranding, God of War, Spider-Man, The Last of Us II just to name a few we know that they are going to bring the heat during their conference. What we are going to highlight today is what Microsoft can do to have a successful E3 that will leave fans satisfied.

Brief Scorpio Reveal

Back in April Microsoft let Digital Foundry in the building to get a close and in depth look at Scorpio’s hardware. There are plenty of articles circling the web breaking down the specs, what type of graphical fidelity it theoretically can push, and even PC builds attempting to mimic Scorpios hardware. Its not hard to find and a simple Google search will give you a full library of information. The only information that we do not yet know is the price of the console, the release date and what it will actually look like. Microsoft’s Press briefing this year is 90 minutes long as they typically are every year and they don’t need to waste time on information we already know. A brief on stage reveal of the console itself along with the price and release date should take very little time and allow the shows focus to be on the games that support it, which happens to be the next point.

Games Supporting Scorpio’s Power

As we have written about before, Scorpio’s impact and success directly hinges on its software support. We know that Scorpio will not have its own games, so it will be relying on developers to see its importance and code their games to utilize the power and feature set of the new console. We know that Microsoft will support its own, we can expect every first party game out to box to be Scorpio ready with higher resolution, textures and frame-rates in some capacity. What needs to be shown is third party developers going that extra mile and ensuring their games are using Scorpio as well. Third party games make up the majority of any consoles game library and if Microsoft can show developers using and utilizing Scorpio, it will show consumers that their investment in the upgraded console is warranted.

New IP’s

Those invested Xbox probably have a tie to their favorite Microsoft IP weather it be Halo, Forza, Crackdown or Gears of War you know what your getting into and you own and Xbox One because of it. While its great to ensure that the games you love will continue to be supported and expounded on, Microsoft needs to show investment and commitment to new IP’s. One of Sony’s strong suits is their ability to showcase new and innovative games that you can only play on their console. In order for Microsoft to continue to compete in the same namespace they need to ensure that they are still releasing innovative and imaginative games that are only playable on Xbox.

Games In A Set Release Window

We all know games get delayed, its a pretty much expected normality at this point but we need to see games announced that are being released within the next year. There is little to no point to hype up a game that we wont see until 3 years from now, the games highlighted need to be set to release fairly soon so as to not lose the hype that was drawn. SHow us games we can play this Summer, Fall, and Winter to keep the excitement going year round.

We look forward to seeing Microsoft’s Press briefing first hand this year, and if they implement these above aspects into their show, they will not only win the day but maybe the hearts of those who have not yet invested into their brand.


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