Tokyo42_t_DayMultiplayerThe guys at Mode 7 are looking to give us a different perspective on what is considered a modern day shooter. This isometric game gives you a great feeling of nostalgia without losing that new school charm you get when entering a new world experience. Set in future Tokyo you are an innocent man turned assassin trying to clear your name in a vast futuristic city.

Full of quick action packed game play and strategy elements mixed in, Tokyo 42 is a great pickup and play game. Think of top down Grand Theft Auto with 3D parkour elements, the game will have you jumping from building to building switching between weapons to take out an enemy strongholds and carrying out assassinations. We have broken down our review to 3 main topics, Gameplay, Controls and Visuals. Each section is worth 10 points and so the the game will be scored on a scale of 30.


You can tell early on that a main design element they were going for was simplicity, and the game feels very fluid to play. Set on top of and around the buildings of this Neo Tokyo, you are thrust into a huge living world that sets missions scattered throughout the city. Helping you transverse is a teleport feature that will get you in and out of Missions quickly. One thing that I truly loved about this game was that every mission was different and the intelligent AI will constantly make you rethink your approach to complete missions. Another unique and challenging aspect of the game is the spontaneity. There will be times when you are traveling in the city or even running a mission and a random person comes out the crowd attempting to kill you! This adds a level of intensity that will always keep you on your toes and constantly has you watching your back.

5-21-2017_1-37-37_PM-Section of the large map



SCORE: 9.2 – Easy to pick up and enjoy with a high replay value. There are 25 main missions, 67 side missions and 7 guard posts to clear with plenty of collectibles to attain. The game also has  multiplayer mode that we were unable to try at the time of review.



The controls while simple can initially feel a little weird but you can adjust rather quickly. The biggest thing I had to adjust to was turning the camera which uses RB/LB (Xbox One). Typically console users are used to using the RS (Right thumbstick) to turn the camera perspective. To keep this game true its isometric elements I can understand and appreciate why the camera control scheme is this way. There are decent amount of control options from laser aiming sights, aim sensitivity and even some toggle options just to name a few. One of the things that I would love to see is a hot key feature here, to customize controls to your liking but wasn’t a delabreaker.

5-21-2017_1-36-59_PM-Some of the control options

5-21-2017_1-37-25_PM-Weapon select wheel

SCORE 8.3 – Simple controls that will take some getting used to.



This game visually is a work of Art. Despite the old school feel, it’s uniquely styled and beautifully formed building structures are visually striking and satisfying. I spent so much time in the game just looking around exploring. Mode 7 did a wonderful job of making the environment feel alive and fresh in every area. Even though there is not much customization on your character, with 70 collectibles from weapons to appearance but it’s just enough to keep you wanting and striving to get more.


-Missions and Collectibles


Score: 9.2 This futuristic Tokyo is both visually unique and satisfyingly beautiful.




For 20 bucks Tokyo 42 give you a lot of bang for the buck, with beautiful visuals, challenging missions and AI, to a unique control scheme. Mode 7 is inviting you into their world and we suggest you take them up on that offer, you wont regret it.


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