Official press release below:

The TEKKEN franchise has always had strong ties with Hip-Hop culture due to its hard-hitting style that simply connects with rap and MCs. That strong connection has spawned a speaker-pounding collaboration with self-proclaimed TEKKEN fan and award winning rapper, Kid Ink, to create a Hip-Hop track used exclusively in TEKKEN 7’s TEKKEN World Tour trailer titled “Now It’s Personal”. For TEKKEN fans that can’t wait to get their hands on this track, it’s available on Spotify, iTunes, or your favorite music service today.

To celebrate this video game/music crossover collaboration, we’re sharing a behind-the-scenes video showing what happens when you bring these seemingly divergent worlds together. Hear from Kid Ink himself as he takes you through his creative process in blending of emotion and drama of TEKKEN 7 together with his lyrical talents to produce the perfect track to accompany TEKKEN 7’s TEKKEN World Tour announcement.

Source Material: Bandai Namco America


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