Who doesn’t love Chuck Norris? Well, if you said you don’t, you may regret that comment in the near future because Chuck Norris is coming for you…maybe.

Movie star and Internet sensation cult hero, Chuck Norris announced the global release of his own mobile action game, Nonstop Chuck Norris which is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

The game is free to download and allows players to harness Chuck’s unstoppable power, assuming the role of his sidekick. Players assist Chuck as he travels through multiple universes fighting an numerous mass of villains, all the while collecting jokes and facts about his legendary status.

To keep Chuck moving through his quest, players power him up with wacky items like folding chairs, chainsaws and even selfie sticks. Players can also unleash the signature roundhouse kick and fist slams of Chuck.

The team behind this action-packed new adventure is flaregames, a mobile gaming publisher based in Karlsruhe, Germany. “We’re incredibly proud of what we have created in partnership with Chuck Norris,” said Klaas Kersting, flaregames CEO and founder. “We feel that Nonstop Chuck Norris is a fitting tribute to his immense energy and all-round legendary status and can’t wait to see what players think about the game!”

Don’t fail Chuck or he’ll come for you.


Source Material: Flaregames


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