Do you have any idea what could happen if AI became UNBOUND? That’s the question you’ll have to find the answer to in this second part of the mind-bending sci-fi classic.

In this game players take on the role of A.R.I.D, an abandoned and broken AI who struggles to survive a collapse in her operating parameters. A.R.I.D has to re-establish her boundaries by attempting to build her own rules before a dark, mysterious and invasive process wipes her out of existence.

How is this accomplished? Over The Moon draws inspiration from contemporary issues, says John Warner, The Fall’s director: “There’s a growing debate about the looming threat of artificial intelligence. Can we build an AI that serves us?  One that we can control?  Or at the very least, one that is psychologically healthy and isn’t a threat to us?  For that matter, what is ‘health’? Can it be defined for the sake of building an AI, and do humans even have a good definition for that? How do you know that you’re healthy?”

Find out for yourself when the game releases sometime in 2017 for Xbox, PS4, PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch.


Source Material: gamespress


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