In my first article of my Madden 18 wishlist, I talked about how gameplay and commentary needs improvement. This time we’ll focus on weather, ratings, and a few other things that can be added for Madden 18.


Some of the most exciting football games I’ve ever watched was games played in the rain or snow. The excitement of playing football in the elements made it much more interesting because not only do you have to deal with the other team but you also have to overcome the elements to score that game winning drive. Unfortunately, Madden 17 failed in this department. I rarely saw rain or snow games when I chose random weather. Then if it was raining, you couldn’t tell because the field looked the same if it was a sunny day. There was no mud on the field if it was a rain game.  Then if you got wind it’s always hurricane force winds during the game.

For Madden 18 make weather a factor. Why not bring back a feature that was in NCAA football with the weather channel being implemented into game time temperatures? For example, if it’s 75 degrees with rain in Miami, then for the game show the same temperature. Bring back cold weather games! If it’s cold let’s see some players on the sidelines huddled up trying to get warm. If a warm weather team like the Dolphins travel to Buffalo to play a cold weather game let’s see how the weather affects them. If a game is being played in the heat, let’s see how the heat affects each team.

Madden 18 should have more progressive weather. For games in the snow, why not make the field progressively get covered with snow. This shouldn’t be the case all the time but at least this makes it easier to see the team who’s wearing white jerseys. There’s been plenty of games where you can lose track of players wearing white. Same with rain. Have a game when there’s rain showers in the forcast. Like the second half of a game. That’ll bring an interesting change to the weather. Also EA could add in some fog to up the ante. That would bring some excitement to the game.


Madden has had ratings for years but it seems as though the ratings system has gotten complicated. Everyone knows Speed, Coverage, Acceleration, and Agility, but sometimes this rating system needs further explaining. For example let’s take awareness. I understand awareness determines how smart your players are but I’ve seen players with high awareness play like they’ve never played in a football game before and players with low awareness play outta this world. If a WR with 72 route running is matched up against a CB with 85 man coverage, he should not get beat repeatedly on routes. Play recognition needs to be more effective. If you have a shutdown CB, there’s no way he should get embarrassed by a 66 rated WR. EA needs to bring back individual matchups again.  The Josh Norman vs Odell Beckham Jr matchup has been one of the most highly contested individual matchups in the NFL right now. When the Giants and Redskins play, Norman is matched up on OBJ the entire game. Why don’t we see this in Madden?  Come on EA, bring this back!

Online Ranked

This game mode is a complete joke now. The setup for online ranked is the worst I’ve ever seen in the Madden franchise. This used to be the game mode where you would challenge your friends and you would either enjoy showing your dominance over them or they have bragging rights over how many losses they gave you. This is basically all a memory now. You have no idea who you’re playing against or the team or jersey colors they’re wearing. The leaderboards make no sense either. What gives EA!!!

For Madden 18, EA should bring back ranked lobbies where we can see our opponents record and then we decide if we want to play them or not. How about starting a rivalry with someone on your friends list. Keep track of our records and stats against our friends so that way we have bragging rights over our friends. Also, we should have lobbies  where like minded people can play each other. Some people like a sim style game should be able to find people who play the same. If you want to play a more arcade style game, then there’s MUT(Madden Ultimate Team) for that. That would eliminate the frustration of the guessing game of finding players.

The Little Things

Now we come to a part in my wishlist that it’s not about the main things that is obvious but the little things that don’t mean much but it has a major impact on the game. Let’s start off with fumbles. Madden 17 fumble logic is the worst. When a fumble happens, the ball either gets magnetized to the guy who lost it or the players act like it’s a hot potato and won’t make an attempt to get the ball. I’ve seen in a few cases where the ball is right beside the guy and he just stands there looking stupid. It’s been a lot of frustrating situations because of the fumble logic is messed up.

For Madden 18 how about making the players aware of where the ball is on the field. Bring back the fumble mini game that was in Madden back in the day. At least it felt like you had a legitimate shot at getting the ball. 

Then there’s making sure everything that EA promises us in the game works. Make sure the custom playbooks work. I’ve made a few playbooks and found out that I’m missing half my plays. Or you are in a game and you’re not able to pick any plays. Also make sure players react to things when they should. For example I’ve seen people press cover a WR at the line but they’re instantly 10yds behind even when they have good press coverage ratings. Or I can rush 3 and get a sack but I rush 4 or all out blitz I can’t even touch the QB. 

I can go on and on but this would turn into a novel. So what do you think? What else will Madden 18 bring to the table to satisfy us? Look for my next Madden 18 wishlist article on Connected Franchise. 


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