Reports from the Wall Street Journal suggest that switch will be doubling its original number of 8 million units, to 16 million units. Why you may ask?

The Switch that went on sale as of March 3 in the United States appears to be on the same track as Nintendo’s previous console, the Wii. This is much needed considering how bad the Wii U fell flat on its face.

In the fiscal year starting April 2017, assemblers contracted from Nintendo are now planning to make 16 million or more Switches said people that have inside knowledge of the plans. Even after accounting for inventory, these numbers suggest Nintendo believes in its own little heart that they can sell more than the 10 million units during the 12 month period, beating the expectations of many analysts.

If this first year of sales is above the 10 million mark, that would clear the threshold predicated by analysts so that more interest can be generated from outside software producers. In turn, and in short, Nintendo’s pockets will get fat!


Material Source: wall street journal


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