Genvid Technologies, Inc., a game tech solutions provider today announced a series of partnerships and integrations at the 2017 Game Developers Conference (GDC) which will also include the very first interactive stream of a VR game on YouTube. Genvid will be the host to a live technical session on March 1 at 11 am in addition to live demos on the exhibition floor at booth #333 (in case you’re attending).

“At this year’s GDC, game developers will get their first chance to touch our unrivaled streaming technology,” says Genvid CEO Jacob Navok. “We’ve enjoyed working with our developer partners to create VR and MOBA showcases that are going to blow people away. We’re also announcing our Unity plugin, which comes hot on the heels of our existing UE4 support.”

Those that visit the booth will get to experience the debut streams of the cross-platform multiplayer title Super Kaiju alongside MOBA, developer of Fractured Space. This will allow viewers to look in on live matches of the games from their perspective choice and interact with the stream as though they were in-engine of the game.

See below for the latest screenshots of both games.


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