Keywords Studios, the international technical services provider to the global video games industry, today announces that it has acquired Player Research Ltd. Based in Brighton, UK, Player Research provides consulting and user testing from its state of the art playtesting laboratory to mobile, console and VR game developers throughout the world, helping them to attract, retain and monetise players.

Player Research was founded in 2012 by Graham McAllister and employs a number of PhDs and MScs at its research laboratory in Brighton, with expertise in fields such as Human-Computer Interaction, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Experimental Psychology, Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology.
The acquisition of Player Research is in line with Keywords’ strategy to extend its services, with the objective of providing end to end services to its global client base covering all aspects of game production and live operations support.

Player Research’s technology, methodology and knowhow can be exported to Keywords secure production facilities in locations like Montreal, Dublin, Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing providing much increased capacity, whilst also expanding the services in a way that adapts them to the varied nationalities and cultures allowing clients to better tailor their games for their targeted audiences.
“Keywords and Player Research have been exploring opportunities together over the past years. As both companies have expanded their services to multiple points along the games lifecycle, the fit between us has become increasingly apparent. We believe that by integrating Player Research within the Group we will be able to leverage the intellectual capital, talent pool and execution capability of both organisations to significantly enhance the value we are able to bring to our clients,” commented Giacomo Duranti, COO of Keywords Studios.
“Since founding the company in 2012, we’ve been able to grow our services consistently year-on-year to meet our client needs. The next step for Player Research is to expand our reach into new regions throughout the world and to increase the offerings we’re able to provide,” said Graham McAllister, Founder & CEO of Player Research. “Becoming part of the Keywords family represents an exciting step in our growth and gives us an incredible partner and perfect platform from which to achieve our ambitions.”


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