Looking to make a push into VR, mobile gaming titan Colopl NI has announced The Rise of Captain Longbeard will be for the HTC Vive this holiday season on Steam Early Access. 

The Rise of Captain Longbeard is a single player action-adventure game filled with a wide range of challenging puzzles, thrilling combat, and immersive 360 degree environments. In The Rise of Captain Longbeard you will follow the journey of Robert Youngfellow as you will see him transform from a landlubber to scourge of the seven seas. Along on your journey you will face hordes of unfriendly pirates, giant sea creatures, and thorny obstacles all to prevent you from getting the treasure and reaching your destiny. 

“The Rise of Captain Longbeard promises to be the quintessential VR game experience,” said Jikhan Jung, CEO of Colopl NI. “Complete immersion into a specific time and place in history, with the entire experience driven by a compelling narrative and an emotional connection to the main character. All of this surrounds a variety of exciting in-game action and adventure that transports you back in time when pirates were lords of the seas.”

Some other key features:

  •  Exploration across four main islands and over eight satellite islands, each filled with their own particular blend of challenge and mayhem
  • Sail your ship to tropical ports of call, before embarking on foot to explore the islands
  • Combat galore and you’ll need to be skilled in the art of battle with pistols, swords and exploding barrels
  • Plunder treasure wherever you find it and use it to upgrade your weapons, purchase booze and more
  • Outwit your opponents and your path to infamy is besieged by obstacles, including marksmen challenges, hidden key puzzles and when all else fails – blowing up parts of the world

    This holiday season look to plunder the seven seas when The Rise of Captain Longbeard is released on Steam Early Access. For more information on this game  follow Colopl NI on Facebook and Twitter.

    View The Rise of Captain Longbeard here.


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