Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced at the New York Comic Con, DC Legends, a new free-to-play RPG strategy game featuring all your favorite super heroes and villains from DC, will be available this November. 

In DC Legends, it’s up to you to lead DC’s greatest champions to victory and experience the ultimate role-playing game packed with all of your favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains. You’ll join Superman, Batman, The Joker, Wonder Woman, and more in a battle against Nekron to decide the fate of all life in the universe. By building super-powered teams and defeating Nekron’s legion of fallen Super Heroes and Super-Villains, you will unlock and upgrade their skills to make them Legendary.

You can preregister for the game at http://www.dclegendsgame.com/. By preregistering for the game and downloading it on launch day, fans will get Wonder Woman as an in game character as part of the celebration of her 75th anniversary. 

DC Legends will be available in the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices. Checkout the new DC Legends trailer. For more information on this game follow DC Legends on Facebook and Twitter. 


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