First of all let me begin my review of “The Prelude” with one word: WOW! 2K released the free game getting everyone ready for the release of 2K17 next week and they definitely did their job. This free game is packed with everything you could want in a game. “The Prelude” focuses on MyCareer, giving players a headstart into your career. I first began with the practice mode so that I could used to the controls even though they’re basically the same as before so it was mainly just to get into the 2k mindset.

Creating My Player

When you first begin with creating a player, you will notice that you can either go with the preset faces or you can scan your face into the game. The difference with scanning this year and last year is this year face scanning is tied into the My2k17 app as compared to last year. I tried to face scan but I didn’t put much time and effort into it after a few failed attempts, so i just used a preset face. After making my player’s face, now it was time to decide his height, position, and other attributes. Here’s where you really need to decide what type of player you want to make because this will make a difference in the game this year. I thought designing my player’s face was time consuming, deciding what type of player you want to make had me second guessing my decisions for almost an hour. You could make a point guard (PG), shooting guard (SG), small forward (SF), power forward (PF), and center (C).But here’s where it gets more in detail as you decide what type of player you want to be. For example you could be a playmaking, or slasher type PG, and your starting attributes will adjust to what type you decide to pick. From there you decide the height, weight, wingspan, and other physical attributes you would like to be. But keep in mind there are pro’s and con’s to each attribute. If you make a 6’5 PG keep in mind he will not be as fast as other smaller PG’s. Same as weight. The bigger he is, the slower he will be, or if you make your player on the light side, he will get pushed around in the paint. I like this concept because it keeps people from making super mutant giants as seen from previous 2k games.

The Story

Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way (I told you it was a lot of detail), we can get into the story. The story begins similar to last year’s game but the difference is you only see highlights of your high school games instead of playing them. Then after a long conversation with your high school coach you get to decide what college you want to attend. This year a few more teams have been added to make your decision to attend college that much more difficult. The new teams added were Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Illinois, Michigan State just to name a few. Hopefully this might be the beginnings of one day a College Hoops game coming back but this will satisfy us for now. After deciding what college you want to attend, more dialog with your new roommate and then you’re off to midnight madness. Here’s where you really feel the college basketball atmosphere.

After playing the midnight madness game, there’s another cutscene with you talking to your mom on the phone while playing video games with your room mate. Then its off to your next game. What you have to keep in mind is your performance on the court matters. Your draft stock is effected. So it can go up or down depending on your performance. There’s only a few games to play then if you make it to the National Championship game and win, there’s another cutscene and then one more game but I’ll let you see the surprise on your own. After the last game, and trust me you will be sad that you’re at the last game, you now will have an idea of where you will be drafted. You just will have to wait and see when NBA 2k17 drops next week.

Final Thoughts

NBA 2k17’s “The Prelude” gets you started on your long journey from college to the NBA. The story really makes you feel like its a real life basketball movie. The cutscenes were a little too long with some pointless conversations at times but that does nothing to take away from the game. The menu screens were a little complicated trying to figure out how to build your player up. But overall I thought 2k did a excellent job of getting you ready for NBA 2k17. They packed a lot of content in this free game, and after playing thru it, I was disappointed that it was over. I was already excited for the game next week but after playing “The Prelude”, my expectation level has risen over the top now. “The Prelude” has you wanting more but unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next week when the full game is released to satisfy our NBA 2k17 fix. So if you were planning to skip this and jump right into NBA 2k17, don’t. I advise you to check “The Prelude” out. You won’t be disappointed. See you on the hardwood!



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