Perhaps the worst kept secret in the industry over the past few months was the existence of hardware revisions to the PlayStation 4. The only unknown is what these hardware revisions would mean for games and the foreseeable future.  On September 7th 2016 the future was made clear. First and foremost, the PS4 Slim was officially announced and will be the new standard PS4 moving forward when it goes on sale September 15th for $299. This console is designed to appeal to a wide range of audiences who are in the market to purchase a PS4. But for those who are intrigued by the possibilities of what 4K and HDR enabled displays can do for gaming, the newly announced PS4 Pro is for you.

This console will be the “number one provider of high resolution and HDR content” when it launches. PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny spoke at length on how the PS4 Pro is designed to take the PS4 experience to a new level. The internals of the console have been improved to accomplish this. There is double the GPU power, a boost in the clock rate of the CPU and a standard 1 terabyte hard drive which will lead to extraordinary gaming experiences. There was footage shown of games such as Spiderman PS4, For Honor, Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn to show the difference these upgrades along with 4K and HDR mean in reality. You will be able to get your hands on this new machine November 9th for $399. Along with the PS4 Pro announcement, Sony announced that every PS4 will be HDR enabled with an upcoming firmware update. The future of gaming is without a doubt upon us!


Playstation 4 Pro
The PS4 Pro not use the slim design power cable for the system.


For more information on the PS4 Pro, please visit the PlayStation Blog


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