Now that the smoke has cleared, and rumors were put to rest, we now see what the iPhone7 is really all about. Yesterday Apple held their Apple event releasing the new line of products, like the second generation of Apple watches, but what everyone was mostly interested in was the new iPhone 7.

Some of the new features were a new home button, longer battery life, and now it’s water resistant. The new A10 fusion chip makes the iPhone 7 run 2x faster than the iPhone 6, plus it allows you to use less power and that preserves the battery life on the phone.

The camera has been improved now with the f/1.8 aperture which allows more light into the camera sensor and makes it easier to take pictures and videos in low light settings. Then with the quad-LED True Tone flash makes pictures more vibrant with color. The 12mp camera allows you to shoot videos in 4K resolution so pictures and videos will look much better than the iPhone6s.

But the game changer and one most people are talking about is the widely rumored missing headphone jack, which is now a reality. Now although without a headphone jack and going wireless, this makes for an extra speaker that provides a stereo sound and much more volume than previous iPhones. Most were very skeptical of this before the reveal when it was just a rumor, me included, and still most people are still skeptical after it is now reality.

But this may not be a bad thing. Here’s why. Now with every major change from what we’re accustomed to, it takes time to see the benefits or consequences of the change. Now I must admit I don’t think I like this move of removing the headphone jack because it raises other concerns such as: what will I do with my favorite pair of headphones now? What if I lose the adapter to connect my wired headphones? How much will that adapter cost me again? How will I play my music in the car now because my car doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities?

These are all major concerns, but once we get our hands on the new iPhone, we’ll get to see if this is a good or bad thing. While I’m excited for the iPhone, I’m interested to see how all these new features work once it’s in my hands September 16th. I still have some concerns about it, I think the improvements will benefit all iPhone 7 users. So what do you think? Were you impressed with the new iPhone 7? Leave your comments below.


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