With Madden 17 right around the corner, from what has been seen so far, are you impressed? I’ve watched a ton of gameplay videos, clips, and read just about every article on Madden 17, and I will say I’m very skeptical of the game but it looks like it will be a hit. For years Madden has got me hyped only to be let down as you begin to notice the flaws of the game, some of which are just too much to be overlooked. So here are some of the things I’m excited for and skeptical of Madden 17.

Franchise Mode



I’m really excited for the franchise mode this year. EA has made this the main focus for this year’s game, and it looks like they deliver on their expectations. I play in an online Madden league and this mode will be the most scrutinized from me. I hope with the game planning from week to week will live up to the hype. The big decisions that will have to be made during the season such as play thru an injury and risk further injury, or rest your star player will determine whether you will be a contender or a dumpster fire. The off season looks like it will be filled with suspense as the fight to land free agents will be epic. One feature that I feel could be left out was the play the big moments. Its cool and all to focus on just the big moments but this really has no value to me. It remains to be seen how the draft will be presented. Hopefully its not like Madden 16, it seemed like there was no mystery to the players. You couldn’t find any hidden gems as in previous Maddens. The new feature of having a practice squad makes finding players that much important in adding depth to your team.





EA has made ratings a big deal this year with going into detail on how they came up with the ratings for the players this year. In previous Maddens speed trumps everything. This has been a big problem over the years with speed players. It was like the fastest players were the smartest players and awareness and play recognition meant nothing. This is one that I hope EA gets fixed in Madden 17. Also I hope EA addresses the lopsided rookie ratings in the draft. This was a big problem in Madden 16 because you could have a star rated CB with the awareness of a rock and the speed of a turtle. EA needs to get this right and not wait until a patch comes out after the fact.




Madden 17 looks like Madden 16 to me, but thats not a bad thing. I felt as though Madden 16 visual-wise was great. Madden  17 has made a few visual enhancements but nothing major. I like the score overlays and stuff I think Madden 17 just improves on what they had from last season. In 16 though, there were some head scratching animations that had you wondering how did this make the final cut? The one-handed animations were so over-the-top, it was ridiculous. From what I’ve seen from different videos, it looks like this is toned down. One area of concern was playing in snow and rain games. It was hard to see in snow games. If the away team wore white, it was difficult to see them because they blended in with the field. With 17, I hope its an easier way to see. We’ll just have to wait and see.




Last but not least is gameplay. This Madden the gameplay looks to have gotten better from last year. The frustration of seeing the same plays being used all game looks like a thing of the past. This Madden looks like a lot of the issues in gameplay from previous Maddens are not as evident. It looks like you will have to go deeper into the playbook if you want to keep your opponent off balance. With the new kicking meter and trick plays on special teams, players will have to really gameplan accordingly if you want to get the win. Plus with the new plays on defense to counter what the offense does, this Madden will definitely be a chess match.  It’ll be interesting to see how the actual gameplay will be once the game releases but so far it looks promising.

As August 23rd approaches, overall I hope Madden 17 lives up to the hype this year and delivers a great game that we can all enjoy. So what are some of the new features you are looking forward to?  Leave your comments below.









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