2k’s Park and Pro-Am Modes have been a fan favorite since they were introduced a few years ago. Each year 2k  raises the bar with excitement with new features. But there are also some issues that make these two modes frustrating at times. So with 2k17 being a month away, what can be done to make these modes in NBA 2k 17 better?

My Park

My Park has improved over the years since first being introduced in 2k14 with new features and improved gameplay, but there are some of the same issues that continue to plague this mode. Here are some things that need to be addressed in 2k17.

First, get rid of the park cards. Park cards cheapen the game mode drastically. This isn’t NBA Jam or Street so we don’t need to have this in the game. I’ve been in several games and people just use these cards over and over again to get W’s. It takes away from the fun of the game. Earn your W’s the right way, Play Hard!

Second, the dribbling animations need fixing. Countless upon countless park games where all people do is one main dribbling move and they get by their man. Plus with the online delay it makes it a successful move every time. Not every dribble move should be a perfect success.

Third, every shot shouldn’t be a perfect shot. There’s been tons of games when the opposing team never misses a shot. In a real basketball game shots are missed regularly so this is how it should be in the park. If you’re playing good defense against someone the shot should not go in every time.

Fourth, get rid of the extra perks that come with your level. For example, if I’m a legend 1, I have the ability to play as a mascot or commit hard fouls. This is pointless. Why would anyone want to play as a mascot? The games playing against mascots are one sided anyway because you can’t defend mascots the way you would normally defend a person. Mostly with legends all you will see is a ton of dribble moves & crazy shots that go in. No skill for that. What about Pro-Am?


This mode has made major improvements since last year with making your own court, jerseys, logos, and arenas. But again we are still plagued with some of the same issues just like my park.

First thing that needs to be addressed is to fix the shot release meter. Shooting in the park and shooting in ranked games are not the same with shooting in pro-am. There shouldn’t be a drastic change like it is now. The timing is off and this makes shooting more difficult. Another area in pro-am that needs to be fixed is to make position players play their position. For example, a center should play like a center. Now even though 2k has made a few changes considering positions there’s still problems with players not playing their positions. A center should not be shooting 3 point shots and making them regularly, nor should they be able to dribble like a point guard.

2k could implement an online only system where you can only gain xp by playing pro-am or park games. Reward players for certain things like assists, blocks, rebounds, etc. Make it so everyone isn’t so focused on scoring. VC could be used to buy shoes, clothes, and other accessories. Leave boosts out of the game. Hopefully 2k will continue to improve their servers and make other improvements to the game.

As we look forward to NBA2k17 with excitement, we hope 2k addresses these issues in these two game modes and make 2k17 a game for the ages.







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