Virtual farmers it’s getting close to that time to fire up the old tractor again!  A new gameplay trailer of Farming Simulator 17 released today. Titled Seeds To Harvest is the first of a series of gameplay trailers showing new content and features for Farming Simulator 17. 

In the Seeds to Harvest trailer, it covers the basics of farming one of the new crops, sunflowers using the latest brands of equipment and vehicles in the game. 

Farming Simulator 17 has just about everything you can think of when it comes to farming. All the big name manufacturers are here, and with over 200 different vehicles and equipment spanning over 70 brands, makes it the largest Farming Simulator roster to date. Plus, for the first time in Farming Simulator history AGCO brands Challenger, Fendt, Valtra, and Massey Ferguson are in the game. Some other features to look forward to are users created mods that are available for PC and consoles. If you need help with your farm don’t worry. In Farming Simulator 17, you can have up to 6 of your friends on consoles, and 16 on PC to help you out in mod-supported, multiplayer. 

With all the new features, vehicles, and brands, Farming Simulator 17 looks to be the premier simulation game for farming. 


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