Ever since the announcement of the Xbox One S, console gamers have been introduced to HDR rendering technology for the first time. Some weeks back we covered what HDR is, what benefits it gives, and what TV’s support it. 4K TV’s with HDR compatibility is the future, so much so that the technology outshines 4K picture quality currently found in some theater projectors. This effect is evident to filmmakers who now have to limit what they put into a film because theater projectors cannot show the full range of what their cameras can capture. This is not the case with 4K TV’s that have HDR as they will be able to display (with a compatible Blue-ray Player) the full range of colors and hues from the original file of the movie as the Directors intended the film to be seen.

As noted in this original topic on Crutchfield.com this particular situation poses various challenges and dilemmas for content companies such as 20th century Fox. You can read over the discussion in detail in the Q&A report found at HD Guru. Technology moves fast and it will not be long before widespread theaters do catch up and implement 4K projectors that support HDR. We are already seeing a push for Laser projection systems in some AMC theaters that will support Dolby Vision format of HDR. Until then you will be able to watch movies with superior picture quality at home with a 4K TV that supports HDR with a Blue-ray/ streaming device like the new Xbox One S that can drive it.

Reference: Crutchfield.com


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