It’s the best worst kept secret in the gaming industry right now. Kind of like Apple’s “not” working on an electric vehicle in the automotive industry. We’re referring to Amazon’s “oopsie” which occurred on July 15th from documents which were leaked stating that Playstation 4 games launching after October 2016 should support Neo and Playstation 4 games.

The leak was done so through Amazon’s Spanish storefront showing the Neo’s price tag and release date. A product page was spotted on the site, but surreptitiously removed once all of the news outlets started reporting on it.

According to the post the Playstation Neo will launch on October 13 according to a report from The price that was stated by Amazon was 400 Euros, which is approximately $450 U.S. However the standard console was launched in Europe at 400 Euros and was still priced at $400 U.S. dollars so we’ll see if those amounts vary.

Sony still has not released an official statement in regards to the rumors of the Neo. With the amount of rumors swirling without Sony’s say-so, we can be sure we’ll most likely hear something sooner rather than later especially if their plans are to release the console within the next 90 days. Stay tuned.


Reference Article: Tech Section



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