That’s right Xbox motocross and off road fans, after releases on PC and PS4, Nordic Games and Rainbow Studios have finally granted your wishes. In this exciting game players can compete on over 40 different race tracks with over 60 official riders.

What’s so special about this encore edition? Well check out the list below made in the official press release:

Exclusive Xbox One Features:
·      A total of six brand new tracks on the biggest ever Open World environment! Two Supercross, two Nationals and two Waypoint tracks and an extra Free Ride mode

·      More than double the number of tracks as in the original MX vs. ATV Supercross
·      Rhythm Racing mode: Drag race your friends on straight dirt tracks full of obstacles and jumps
·      12-player online mode
·      2-player split screen
·      Free Ride mode to race using your own rules
·      New gear and design kits
·      Race against over 60 licensed professional riders
·      More than 80 licensed motocross brands for maximum authenticity
·      Remastered audio effects with 3D sound for the first time and new environmental effects
·      Comprehensive tutorials with pro tips for beginners

Get your off-road ON today!


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