Welcome to the very first UE’s Spotlight Gamer of the Month where we bring the gamers to the forefront to share their experiences with gaming. This month we talked to Pro Overwatch/Smite Gamer Leroy Radway who was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions. Throughout the interview we will also be showcasing some of his gameplay.


UE: Gamertag, Twitch and Twitter?

Leroy: GT is Driger
Twitch is Twitch.tv/Socom412
Twitter is @MutinyDriger

UE: Xbox One, Ps4 or PC?

Leroy: Xbox One of course. Man sized controllers.

UE: How were you introduced to gaming?   

Leroy: My uncles bought the original halo and I went over to my grandmas house and saw it. I begged my mom and dad for an Xbox after that and have never looked back. Been playing halo and other games since I was 5 or 6

5bHzgPG - Imgur.gif

UE: Favorite hobby? (other than the obvious) lol                                                                          

Leroy: Chilling with my friends mostly. Like just being outside with others is always good.

UE: Favorite game in this generation of consoles?

Leroy: Smite without a doubt. It’s the reason I even play games competitively. Great game and I don’t regret spending all that time on it.

UE: Most exciting moment of E3?

Leroy: Going to be honest. I was at work when E3 was on and didn’t watch any of it. But I saw the recore gameplay and liked it a lot so I’ll go with that.

UE: What album/mixtape you got in rotation?

Leroy: Right now if I’m not scrimming its Fat Nick-When the Leans Runs Out or Denzel Curry-Imperial. If I’m scrimming or have a tournament I always listen to all three of Lana Del Rey’s albums all the way through. She’s amazing.

UE: What made you realize you could take gaming to a pro level?

Leroy: I’ve always wanted to play competitive games but never had a way in until Smite hit console. After I realized how easy it was I just dove straight in. Saw results for it too so I figured why not continue

sxWXOlj - Imgur

UE: What’s your training regime as a pro gamer?

Leroy: After work is when I usually do things. So it’s Ranked for a little bit to warm up before scrims, Scrims and film after the scrims, and then I play ranked through the night until I pass out lol. Weekends is usually just tournaments and film just so I don’t get burnt out on the game.

UE: Overwatch has taken the world by storm, what do you think attributes to the games

Leroy: BLIZZARD IS AMAZING. They know how to make a damn game. Rule wise though… They need some work lol. Competitive Overwatch will need some tuning soon. Very soon.

UE: Overwatch features characters with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Which characters do you main and why?

Leroy: Pharah is life. Nothing else matters. She’s hands down my favorite. She’s kind of aids though lol. Firing rockets from 10402 feet above everyone isn’t fair but I like it.

UE: How did you end up teaming up with MutinyGG?

Leroy: Well my first team blew up because of potential roster changes so I was left team less after that happened. So I tried out for DPS on this current team and they were already in talks with Mutiny. Guess I was just in the right place at the right time.

VhGDRNp - Imgur


UE: What role do you play for MutinyGG in Overwatch?

Leroy: DPS (Damage Per Second). Basically I kill people. Great job if you ask me.

UE: Is your goal to make a career of esports or is this more of a hobby?

Leroy: I’d love to make a career out of esports. I’m hoping after I finish with the gaming side and feel like I’ve done enough I can try and do something on the manager end of things. Would be nice.

UE: If career, follow up with, what developments in esports encourage you to think it may be a viable career?

Leroy: E-League is on TBS. there’s literally a CSGO tournament on national Tv. If that’s not enough to make someone want to continue gaming I don’t know what is. This stuff will be huge. It’s almost there. Soon you’ll have kids growing up wanting to be eSports athletes instead of football and basketball players like back in the day. It’ll be the norm. Can’t wait.




Make sure to Follow Leroy on Twitch & Twitter  also follow Mutiny Gaming Team Twitter page and show them some support!


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