Today KOEI TECMO AMERICA revealed some new details for their up and coming project that’s based off the fan favorite anime “Attack On Titan“. They gave us plenty of details about Online features, releasing three new character trailers and gave us new gameplay highlighting some new battle features. Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Scout mode allows you to recruit up to three companions online to explore the many wonders outside of the wall and protect against the human-like titans onslaught. The leader of your team can choose from many stages that are separate from the main campaign. The Forest of Giant Trees, the Ruined Town and a Farm Village just to name a few of the stages available in online play.

Players will be able to upgrade their equipment from clothing to weapons, even their cool Omni- Directional Mobility Gear can be customized. Allowing player to move faster and longer distances to avoid Titan attacks. Anchors, Scabbards, Blades and Gas canisters all gear that can be upgraded through collecting materials from slaying Titans. We know these upgrades will be key to succeeding against the attacks because speed and timing is everything.

Another feature announced is the Decisive Battle Signal which gives a player in trouble the ability to call in others when over ran by Titans. When this signal is used players attack damage will increase for a short period of time. This game looks solid, if you’re a big anime fan this might be a must buy.

Attack on Titan will be releasing on August 30 to PC (Steam) , Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita rated (M) for Mature. Due to age restriction content please check out KOEI TECMO AMERICA Facebook page for additional trailers and news updates


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