Stock Markets. British Pounds. The Euro. Politics. Video Games? Yes, that’s correct I said video games. What the Brexit has to do with video games is actually quite astonishing. It may even determine what time of video games you’ll be playing in the future and if they’re released on time.

Let’s start with the organization TIGA. TIGA stands for The Independent Game Developers Association. TIGA is a trade association that represents the commercial and business interests of some video and computer game developers in the UK and Europe. From 2010 to present, TIGA has won 24 business awards and commendations and has been successfully accredited as an Investors in People organization as many as three times. It basically fights for and backs all EU workers within the gaming industry.

How exactly does this affect the gaming industry you ask? Well, now that the UK has voted to exit the EU, it could potentially force those immigrant game developers back to their country of origin. This move would also forcing game developers to have to hire new employees in their mid development cycle. TIGA is fighting to make sure that the rights of those 3 million present and currently working in the UK, so that they will be able to continue to live and work and not be forced to leave at some stage. Immigrant workers developing games for the industry in the United Kingdom accounts for approximately 15% of their workforce.

As TIGA continues to push for the rights of those EU workers developing games for our pleasure, relaxation and even their careers, we here at UEGameWire hope this can all be resolved in an effective and efficient manner for all parties involved.


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