This was the first MOSF (Museum of Science Fiction) Escape Velocity event which was held in our neck of the woods, National Harbor, MD. The 3-day event took place at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center which is a beautiful place to visit in general. I highly recommend it if you’ve never been to the DC metro area .

Pricing for adult admission:  $25 Fri. / $30 Sat. / $25 Sun. 3-day pass $50 (advance)

Pricing for Youths:  $10 Fri. / $15 Sat. / 10 Sun. 3-day pass $30 (advance)

Unfortunately we were only able to experience Saturday’s programs due to our schedules but the experience wasn’t tainted. The atmosphere was awesome, the event staff welcomed us with plenty of smiles and positive vibes.


Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center


MOSF covered plenty of topics from the Sci-Fi Film festival to a program on the basics of Animation. It was so much to see I felt bad for missing out on programs, I mean they even had Rod Roddenberry on a program for all the Trekkies out there.

We focused primarily on the panels and showcases related to the Videogame industry. We attended  “Video Games, Virtual Reality And What We Can Learn From Them” and also sat in on the “Video Gamers United’s Indie Development” program panel.  The VR panel focused on Virutal reality outside just the realm of entertainment. Virtual Reality can be used to help those with disabilities and those coping with PTSD. The panel was made up of industry professionals who gave their personal experience with VR and spoke on how videogames in general can change peoples lives for the better. Being gamers ourselves it was refreshing to hear a take on the industry that focused on how it uplifts.  We got so much great info from sitting in on those programs, but what impressed me the most was the wide age range of people in the audience. Both young an old alike packed the room with questions all around focusing on the benefits of gaming and the promise of Virtual Reality.

Featured panel: Video Games, Virtual Reality And What We Can Learn From Them


When we weren’t in programs we hit the display floor to see what interesting things we could find.  When we first arrived we registered for our press passes and briefly walked through to see what displays we wanted to stop by later on. We signed up early for the Bridge Simulator called Starship Horizons (Review Coming Soon) they had on display, but our time slot wasn’t til 5:30 p.m. which gave us time in between programs to explore. They had artwork on display, Indie games and drone racing just to name a few. Cosplay was also on full display as well with booths to take pictures with Boba Fett, Storm Troopers and other Star War Characters.


3D printed car by Local Motors on display

Video Gamers United booth with Combat Core on display

If you’re looking for an experience with great information and plenty of fun this is an event for you. We had great time and can’t wait for the next one, hopefully it will be close to home as well. Check out http://escapevelocity.events/ for updates on up and coming events.



Featured Image


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