Because there still seems to be some confusion and questions about exactly what the Xbox One S features are, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the features of the console. As we see more questions come in, the list will be updated to reflect that information:

  • 40% Smaller than than the standard Xbox One (including the power supply)
  • Power Supply is built into the console
  • Has a built in IR blaster for home entertainment system control
  • Has three USB 3.0 ports including one in the front of the console
  • Has HDMI input/output for Cable box pass through
  • The Console can be stood vertically (vertical stand sold seperately for 500 and 1TB versions)
  • Vertical stand comes included with the 2TB model
  • Boasts slightly more processing power than the standard Xbox one but this is only for 4K and HDR output support
  • Supports 4K Blu-Ray Output (Physical media)
  • Supports 4K Playback Streaming (Netflix, Amazon video, etc)
  • Has a built in 4K upscaler for non-4K content (video and games)
  • Supports HDR10 color standard (does not support Dolby Vision)
  • Supports HDMI 2.0a which allows output of 4K at 60Hz
  • Supports Kinect with a separate USB attachment (Free to current Kinect owners)
  • Price starts at $299 for 500GB, $349 for 1TB, $399 for 2TB versions
  • Console only available in White
  • Release date set for early August 2016

Xbox One S Controller Features

  • Supports Xbox WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Increased wireless range to the controller
  • Added textured grip to the controller
  • Same updated features as current Xbox One controllers with built in audio jack





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