We’ve all seen it; outstretched road, perfect weather conditions, a rousing soundtrack, and the roaring of the engine as the car speeds off into the distance. The perfect car commercial. We can all assume a good amount of editing and touch ups are done to achieve such a moment. Add to that the issues with car availability and model revisions, creating these commercials can get time consuming and costly. Today we have experts at the helm of photo-realistic CGI and that makes it possible for filmmakers to create scenes with stand in vehicles and then re purpose them with the desired vehicle’s car skin.


Sony used stand in vehicles to film this scene in their "Perfect Day" commercial.
Sony used stand in vehicles to film this scene in their “Perfect Day” commercial.


Enter the Blackbird, the world’s first fully adjustable car rig. At the push of a button the Blackbird can adjust its width, length, suspension and even driving characteristics of any vehicle. Using this feature, film makers can set the exact characteristics of the vehicle it’s meant to portray and using CGI re skin it to its likeness. In addition to being able to drive like any car the Blackbird can help users build a virtual environment surrounding the vehicle using 3D laser scanning and HDR (High Dynamic Range) imagery. This same data can also be used in Virtual Reality applications. The Mill has also created a unique augmented reality application that allows individuals see the intended CGI vehicle on top of the rig. After 2 years of design and develpment, the Blackbird is one of a kind and truly a marvel in its execution.


For more information on The Mill’s Blackbird check out their website: HERE

Sources: themill.com, autoblog.com



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