Well, perhaps it’s not that much you stand to receive from Sony individually, but at least it’ll be something. We’re talking about the settlement of the 6 year-long lawsuit filed against Sony on behalf of PS3 users.

What started this whole debacle? With Sony’s 2010 Firmware update, they thought they were doing users a favor by protecting their privacy more thoroughly. How’s that fare for Sony? Well, that “update”, usually updates make things better, ended up removing support for the Linux operating system in the PlayStation 3 console. 6 years and almost 2 PlayStation consoles later, Sony and lawyers that represent over 10 million console owners have come to a settlement in the millions of dollars. As per the agreement, which has not been federally approved by a California judge, each console owner is entitled to receive $55 if they’ve utilized Linux on their console. What if you didn’t use Linux on your PS3? You’re just as entitled to part of those millions also. You stand to gain a whopping $9 if you purchased a PS3 based on claims about “Other OS” capabilities.

How easy is it to claim your money? In order to receive your $55, a gamer “must attest under oath”, provide proof of purchase or your serial number PS3, verify PlayStation Network Sign-in ID, and submit “proof of use of the Other OS functionality.” To get your $9, PS3 owners have to claim and submit, at the time that they purchased their console, they were aware of the Other OS, depended on Other OS function, and had the intention of using Other OS functionality.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, Is going through all of that procedure for a mere $55, or 92% of the cost of a new game release? (depending on how you look at it) worth it? You have until 2 p.m. July 19th to decide when a U.S. District Judge will finalize the deal.


Reference articles: Forbes.com and arstechnica.com


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