In Quarter 4 2013 we were given 2 choices: Shell out $399 for the brand new PlayStation 4 or $499 for the Xbox One. There weren’t different size hard drive iterations, color choices, or even launch bundles. Nintendo fans likely already locked in with the Wii U in 2012, so for 2013, It was black and white, Microsoft or Sony.

These days though, the gaming landscape has changed. E3 2016 has given birth to an inner debate that we all must have. What’s your 2 year plan? For the bargain hunters, you will probably see more and more sales on the current Xbox One. This unit, while being phased out from retail and production, will be a viable option for the remainder of this console generation. All new Xbox games will be supported on these machines. Currently you can find great bundles, like this one at Gamestop, for less than $300, with games and gifts included. Imagine the deals that will be circulating around and after August!

Speaking of August…The 2TB Xbox One S launch edition will be released early in that month for $399. The brand new, 40% slimmer, 4k streaming, 4k blu-ray playing, new controller touting machine was recently announced at E3. Going forward, this unit will be the baseline Xbox One. It is an upgrade to the current Xbox One in every conceivable aspect, with the exception of performance. At $299 for the 500gb version, it could be marketed alone for the 4k bluray drive. If it were released today, it would be the cheapest of only 2 available UHD bluray players. For those who already have an Xbox One, is it worth an upgrade? If you own a 4k TV, it may be. How about PlayStation 4 owners? Is $299 a cheap enough price point for you to grab a second system, especially since PlayStation likely won’t have a 4k bluray support this year?

Xbox One S 8/2016

But then there’s also Project Scorpio. You’ve heard developers talk about it. You’ve watched the trailer from E3. The most powerful console ever created. The future of consoles, allowing for 4k gaming , Virtual Reality gaming, and bridging the gap between console and PC. While we don’t yet know the price point, it will surely be quite a bit more costly than the Xbox One S. That console is scheduled to be released during the holiday season 2017. Will you upgrade twice, first to the Slim and then to the Scorpio?

Never ones to be left behind, Sony is offering their fans choices too. The PlayStation 4 Neo has been confirmed by insiders. It will also be offering state of the art processing and 4k resolution gaming. Hopefully Sony will give us more details on the Neo at Gamescom in August. We can speculate though, that the Neo will be a major upgrade to the current PS4. While a great deal of mystery remains as to the release day, or even year for that matter, Sony fans will have to decide if it’s worth trading in their current system?

Closer on the horizon though, Sony has the PS VR launch in October. Virtual Reality is the hottest thing on the gaming landscape and the PSVR is set to be the cheapest option for hardcore VR adopters. The launch bundle, which includes VR Worlds, retails for $499. This includes the camera and Move controllers that you will need for the new experience. Some question the ability of the base PS4 to properly run VR. Will you wait for Neo to dive into PSVR? For Microsoft fans, there won’t be any VR for your console for more than a year. Will you consider investing in Sony for your VR fix?


All in all, the word of the day is choice. How about Nintendo fans? While we all anxiously await the release of Zelda:Breath of the Wild, what is your mind set? The NX is thus far an enigma. Nintendo as usual, wowed everyone with their first party effort, but will they be able to regain the third party support, as well as the millions of casual gamers who bought the Wii? For those not privileged enough to buy every console, there are choices to be made in the next couple of years. Where do you stand, what’s your plan?




  1. I’m interested to see what the deal is with the NX, but it would take some major convincing to commit to buying a Nintendo. Not out of quality concerns as Nintendo has a good track record with their first party titles. Just fear that it would turn out like my 3DS XL.

    On the other hand, I’m intrigued by Project Scorpio and the Neo. Both are much more capable than their younger siblings, with the Scorpio being benchmarked at 6 Teraflops and the Neo rumored to be at around 4 Teraflops. If that power translates to better quality graphics and performance, I’m all in.

    VR is something I’m comfortable waiting on. Sony hasn’t proven to be great with commitment regarding peripherals like the Move or PlayStation Camera, and pet projects seem to often fall by the wayside. The games they teased at E3 don’t look compelling enough to warrant a $400 purchase right out of the gate. As for Microsoft, I’d be interested in seeing what VR option becomes available. If the Scorpio can function with a Vive, Oculus, or the new Razer headset, I’ll be watching. As of right now though, it’s just wait and see.

    All in all, I’m mostly just skeptical. I’m not interested in getting burned on an expensive piece of tech.


    • Yeah, I’m still sore from the whole kinect experiment. I love gadgets and new tech, but it’s difficult not to feel betrayed when these companies get you to invest in something, only to stop supporting it soon thereafter. I honestly hope vr takes off and gives us a new way to game. I see you’re a fallout fan…if fallout vr can be successfully done, I’d be all over vr in a second!

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      • I don’t think that VR is going away. It’s just an uphill battle. Oculus and Vive have wow’ed me a little, but not enough to want to spend the amount required to buy in. The PSVR just looks gimmicky, though it’s possible that it will take off as long as Sony doubles down on it. The way it looks right now, they don’t have much to sell the peripheral to non-enthusiasts but it also isn’t out yet so it’s a little too early to be all doom-and-gloom.

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