Blizzard’s Overwatch has been a solid game overall pulling in a fairly large following ranking in the top 5 on in recent weeks . What can we expect next for the unique FPS ? Overwatch’s Game director Jeff Kaplan explains what’s new in the June update which will include a competitive mode. Jeff also goes into how the ranking system and seasons will work in the update. Will this update be everything the fans want? We all know how ranking systems can make or break a game. One thing that we do know it sounds like they’re really are listening to what the fans want.  Here is what we know so far about the June update:


  • Season will last for 2.5-3 Months 
  • Competitive play will not have a tiered ranking system 
  • Matchmaking Rating (MMR) will be like a True skill rank 1-100 
  • Team average ratings will be on screen before matches
  • Rewards will come from competitive play (sprays, player icons, GOLDEN WEAPONS and more) which will change through different seasons






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