UEGamewire.com sat down to talk with Destiny player Policemam. The PSN user has logged 7,635 active hours in Destiny and was kind enough to answer following questions:

Q: What about Destiny draws you to it the most?

A: I like the diversity of planets and diversity of enemies.

Q: With all that has gone on with destiny from the beginning issues it’s had with no set story arc until now, are you satisfied with how the game has progressed or do you feel more could’ve been done?

A: I am not satisfied as I have been progressing.

Q: -Considering the amount of time you have put into the game, do you have any regrets about it?

A: No remorse

Q – What would you like to see Destiny improve on in its next iteration?

A: Have they brought out the money to buy armor?

Q- How is the multiplayer universe different from someone who speaks another language other than English?

A: I would like to take out more and more planets raids

Q- Other than Destiny, what other games do you enjoy playing?

A: The universe of multiplayer sounds good but a little slow in getting to the sites. By going to the tower or entering planets or enter the grisol.


Now obviously there is a bit of a language barrier, but everyone understands the value of time. Or do they?

What could you accomplish in 7,635 hours? Here are a few, list yours in the comment section below.

  • Earn your PHD from an accredited online university
  • Help design an autonomous car
  • Run 1,527 marathons at a 5-hour pace
  • Watch 3,817 full-length movies
  • Build a 2,000 square foot home by yourself

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