VR seems to be all the craze these days and one of the forefront participants in Virtual Reality gaming is PlayStation with PS VR. Despite the hype and excitement surrounding it, not many consumers have had the chance to try out the technology for themselves. Well, thanks to Sony, select Best Buy and GameStop locations around the country will offer PS VR demos to the public.  On June 17th and 18th PS VR will be at more than 30 Best Buy and GameStop locations. Starting on June 24, that number expands to about 300 locations across US and Canada.

Click here to visit Sony’s website to view locations where PS VR demos will be starting tomorrow and into the future. Below are the cities where the demos will be available tomorrow and Saturday:

Baltimore MD
Boston MA
Chicago IL
Cincinnati OH
Cleveland OH
Columbia SC
Columbus OH
Dallas TX
Denver CO
Detroit MI
Fayetteville AR
Ft. Lauderdale FL
Grand Rapids MI
Hartford CT
Houston TX
Los Angeles CA
Milwaukee WI
Minneapolis MN
New York NY
San Francisco CA
Tampa FL
Toledo OH
Washington D.C.
West Palm Beach FL


Some of the games that well be on display will be EVE: Valkyrie, Headmaster, Battlezone and SUPERHYPERCUBE. This is great news for those who have not gotten the chance to try out Virtual Reality gaming and is an excellent move by Sony to garnish excitement for those on the fence about the tech.




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