E3 is the ultimate paradise for gamers and the 2016 show is no different. In just a few minutes whether from a trailer, or game play demo you can be reminded of why you fell in love with gaming and be excited for the years to come. With that being said here are my most anticipated things that were shown at E3 2016:

Forza Horizon 3

The Forza Horizon series has become the gold standard for action packed racing games and the third entry of the series doesn’t look like it will disappoint. 4 player co-op campaign? Yes, please!

Horizon Zero Dawn

I always love to see a new IP get some shine at a show like E3. The gameplay footage shown at the Sony conference emphasized the care and attention this title is getting from Guerrilla Games. Can’t wait to explore this world, its secrets and RPG mechanics within.

Spider-Man PS4

I was somewhat surprised to see that Insomniac Games has been developing an exclusive Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4. With the studios experience in storytelling, humor, customization features and stellar game play, this game will be a real treat when it is released.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Say what you want about Nintendo and the Wii U but they are without a doubt revolutionizing The Legend of Zelda with Breath of the Wild while invoking the spirit of the original NES game. Take as long as you want Nintendo, you already have my money.

Xbox One S

Who doesn’t love new hardware? The Xbox One S will certainly be a mainstay in my entertainment center come the end of August. With a sleek, smaller design and a slight upgrade to the innards of the console, this might be a must buy for all fans of Xbox.

What games/hardware are you looking forward to most in the upcoming months and years? Let us know in the comments below!

You can find me on Xbox Live @ UE_Agent Legend and PSN @ AgentLegend32. Game on my friends!


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