The Verge has posted some high quality and in depth pictures of the just announced Xbox One S. These pics give you a much better visual of the size difference between the standard Xbox One and the new model that MS claims is 40% smaller. The console supports 4K UHD output (including 4K Ultra HD Blueray) and HDR capabilities for both gaming and video. There is also a USB port on the  front of the console with a built in IR Blaster and built in power supply. The Xbox One S will not include a dedicated Kinect sensor port and users that want to use the device for voice controls will need to purchase a separate USB adapter. The Xbox One S will be available in early August with a 2TB HDD for $299. Two standard versions will be available soon after: a 500GB edition for $299 and a 1TB for $349. The console doesn’t look as small as I first expected it to be, but side by side the new Xbox One S looks much more appealing visually.

X-Box Slim X-Box SlimX-Box SlimX-Box SlimX-Box Slim

Photos taken by Vjeran Pavic at


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