One of Rare’s cult classic games from the Nintendo 64 era was Jet Force Gemini, a vivid third person shooter released back in 1999. The game was re-released by Microsoft in the recently released Rare Replay but the name was not owned by Microsoft until now.

Microsoft had attempted to trademark Jet Force Gemini back in June 2015, but ran into some delays. The United States Patent and Trademark Office had requested a disclaimer mentioning that Microsoft had made no trademark claim to the word “Jet.” Microsoft replied to the US Patent and Trademark Office that they had other trademarks containing the word “Jet,” without the disclaimer. In November the USPTO agreed with Microsoft’s stance and accepted the registration of the trademark which was published on January 19th.

The interesting part of this story is that not all of the classic Rare games appearing in Rare Replay have been re-trademarked by Microsoft raising the question of why they went through all this trouble to get this done. Whether or not this means a future release of the game is anyone’s guess.




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