The Creativity of Forge is breathing life back into the halo 5 universe with tons of great maps from our forging friends. This time around 343 industries took forge to another level, every forge map now feels more personal from the colors of the blocks to the atmospheric details. This is truly a huge step for not just the forge community but the halo community as a whole. Before you say anything… I know, many don’t have the time or patience to find these wonderful maps or find a bunch of friends willing to play custom games. Recently in a statement from 343 industries points toward a forge playlist in the near future.

343 industries wrote via  Halo Waypoint :

Another item that is top of mind (for both you and us) is getting some Forge favorites into matchmaking, as well as the general surfacing of awesome Forge stuff. We’ve been working with a variety of Forge communities to identify some of the top maps out there, and building out plans with the Multiplayer Team on a few different ways that we plan to bring these into the matchmaking lineup and places like Waypoint, Twitter, live streams, and more. These playlists are in the works as we speak, and we’re looking forward to featuring the best community maps and game types, ranging from competitive maps to classic remakes to wacky and fun custom-built map and game variants.

With that said let’s look at some of the Forge maps that we recommend for download:

THE PIT (REMAKE) by ilsilentii

Youtube video by wsir <—GO SUBSCRIBE

Who doesn’t have classic memories on this map ? One of the best Forge maps iv’e seen the attention to detail is spot on and so is the scaling to work with the Halo 5 mechanics. iIsilentii did a wonderful job recreating an all time classic.


Twice Forsaken (Original) by SecretSchnitzel

Youtube Video by Forge Labs <—GO SUBSCRIBE

With the feel of an old school halo map this is a great one to check out with your friends gives you plenty of space for long range combat and spots to flank to get a jump on the opposing team. So grab your BR and practice that strafe !!!


Contract (Construct Remake) by No God Anywhere

Youtube Video by Forge Labs

Talk about spot on!!!! Almost feels like it came with the game at launch another classic map done right!


MLG Mario Arena by Death 11 8 1994

Youtube video by The Epidemic <—GO SUBSCRIBE

Have a couple of laughs and still get a serious halo game in with functioning bombs and teleporting plumbing pipes. This map truly shows you how creative you can be in Halo 5’s forge mode.


Imperial Star Destroyer by Starship Forge

Youtube video by Forge Labs <—GO SUBSCRIBE

JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN!!!! Awesome stuff another example of the possibilities and power of forge


Featured image Credit by Ben Darlow 



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